Donatella Zocchi
"Belly Dance"/ Břišní tanec
- Lessons are in English/ lekce jsou vedeny v anglickém jazyce

Beginner level Belly Dance - Course description:

In this course the student is introduced to the fundamentals of belly dancing, focusing not only on the technique but also on the cultural elements, musicality, and choreography aspects.
Each lesson will start with a work up and conditioning, we will then dive into technique, but the second part of the lesson will be dedicated to choreographic elements and dancing!
This course is for those who are approaching Belly Dance for the first time and for those who have already had experience in the past but would like to review and strengthen the basics.

I work with the Salimpour format for Belly Dancing, and I'm certified Level 2 at the Salimpour Institute for Belly Dancing, and currently studying for Level 3.
I'm also part of the Salimpour Czech Collective dance group.
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